Miss Nine: More Than Meets the Eye

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Miss Nine aka Kristin Schrot is an idol to many aspiring girls in the entertainment scene and a heartbreaker to all the guys seeming that she has a boyfriend. Either way, we’re still in love with this multi-talented lady – an amazing DJ and producer who makes awesome uplifting dance music, and one of the prettiest JUICE has come across to boot! After all that energy she channelled at Livescape’s NSFW The Birthday Edition, she’ll definitely stay in our heads for a while and we don’t intend on forgetting about her anytime soon. Read on as she tells of a tale that would get too many of you DJs pumped up to be discovered.

What inspired you to become a DJ in the first place?
Well actually, it was a crazy idea of my boyfriend and he was a DJ before. He asked me if I wanted to learn the craft. At first I wasn’t interested but somehow I kinda liked it after seeing how he played with the crowd. Usually I was the one dancing but then I got interested to see what goes on behind the decks. He had turntables, vinyls, the whole equipment so I started there with him in Holland.

How did you fall in love with progressive house and were you always a fan of it?
Well, I started off with very commercial music and then I got a chance to play with a friend of mine from London at the Motion party in Amsterdam and I really like the way she plays. She didn’t just tell a story, she took you on a journey and I really love to take people on a journey and tell a story through the night.

Deep Dish was one of your connections that catapulted you to the world scene. How did this come about and how has it helped your career?
They are my idols! I played an after party at Panama Club, Holland which was the very first time I closed a night and people like Deep Dish and label owners were in the club. I played my set and everyone was like, “Wow! Who’s that girl?!”. The day after, Deep Dish contacted me and asked me if I would join them on their agency and they also asked me to join them on their world tour for a year and a half! I was blown away and I was very honoured to go on tour with them. I learned a lot and they became family after that.

You’re a talented DJ that has tonnes of experience behind you and there are many other great female DJs out there as well like Annie Mac and Maya Jane Coles. Does it bother you that Boy George was listed #91 and no female DJs are listed in the top 100?
This will all change very soon. Women need to work hard to earn respect from the guys and show them that they can do better than them. It’s like a cliché thing to say girls cannot DJ, yet girls know how to take a crowd on a journey. We have this special connection with the crowd and there are more female DJ and producers out there who are slowly climbing up the ranks but at the end of the day, it’s just a list. You can be good enough to stand on your own feet without being in it.

When not working with music or modelling, what keeps you busy during your free time?
I love designing. A friend of mine has a leather jacket brand and I asked him if I could design a jacket. They liked the work and they want to produce it now. I’m a creative person. Sometimes I can’t sleep cause I have to write my ideas down. I don’t know where it comes from but it keeps coming! I also do some sports to think things over.

If you had the chance to design the greatest Halloween costume for yourself, what would it be like?
I’ll probably design a costume for a chic Avatar with the nose and ears but I won’t be blue. Some other colour. Maybe green then I’ll be like a crossbreed between an Avatar and Shrek!

We’re not big on towering giant aliens, but you can probably pull that off. You’ve mentioned that Malaysia is your favourite travel destination. Where in Malaysia did you go?
I went to Pangkor Laut once and I instantly fell in love with the private beach that they had there. I’ve checked out some other beaches and islands here too. I just love coming here to take my time off to relax, do nothing and have some amazing food. I’m a food lover. I remembered the last time I was in KL to play, we went somewhere in the city after the gig where there was fresh food and it was 5am in the morning!

We’ve been seeing a few tweets from you about a charity campaign that you’re doing currently with Plan. Tell us a little about this.
I found out about Plan through a friend and they were the organisation behind the Because I am a Girl campaign that I’m actively involved in now. I went to Bolivia to check out the girls and their families that I’ve sponsored there and it’s nice to see where Plan is involved but it’s also saddening to see communities without the help of Plan. They don’t have electricity and clean water and it’s not a safe environment for them there. Most of them can’t go to school because they’re girls. So what we’re trying to do here is mostly to fight gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift them out of poverty. I try my best to help these girls out since I’m a girl in a male dominated world as well.

DJ, model, and philanthropist too. Excuse us while we swoon silently.

Miss Nine spun at Livescape’s NSFW The Birthday Edition on Wednesday 4 July 2012. For more on her, log on to www.miss-nine.com