Mirrors: Look At Me

Steve Lamacq calls them “a somber version of Depeche Mode”. Apart from wearing grey suits, Mirrors play what they call “pop noir”. While most other modern day synth bands borrow heavily from Joy Division’s gloomy output, Mirrors take the best bits from Power, Corruption and Lies-era New Order and have a strong krautrock element. Adding to their already arty image is their penchant for barely pronounceable 19th and 20th-century foreign authors, directors, composers, poets and philosophers. However, pretentiousness actually works for Mirrors as their brainy lyrics collide with beautifully textured synths. For kids that are bored with The Killers, here’s something a little more mature that won’t hurt your ears or smear your mascara.

Stare straight into the unsigned Mirrors at www.myspace.com/mirrorsmirrorsmirrors and check out their single ‘Look At Me’.