Miike Snow: Swede Like An Animal

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The Swedes have done it again! And this time it’s not with the usual dreamy indie pop that the IKEA nation is so famous for churning out. Instead it’s dreamy electro experimental pop. Miike Snow is not the Euro cousin of Mark Snow but a band consisting of American singer-songwriter Andrew Wyatt, and the Swedish producing team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, also known as Bloodshy and Avant. Though they’ve been playing together since 2000, Miike Snow only formed in 2007. And this year they released their debut self-titled album with the lead single ‘Animal’. Coming across as A-ha meets Animal Collective, Miike Snow is good for clubs as well as bedrooms. No surprise considering that Bloodshy and Avant have written and produced for Kylie Minogue and Madonna. Sizzling meatballs!

It’s not cold but you should wear protection anyway while listening to ‘Animal’ (Downtown) at www.myspace.com/miikesnow.