Mifland FW14 ‘Weathered Patina 1998S’ Collection




Backpacks are kind of a tricky manoeuvre if you think about it. You may not pay attention to it but honestly, a bag is the kind of thing to make or break an outfit. And it’s not like you’re going to have a dozen bags, each to match a certain shade of outfit that you have. So that leaves you with the option of coppin’ a backpack or rucksack that would generally look good with anything. But with that all said, these leather goodies from Mifland’s FW14 ‘Weathered Patina 1998S’ Collection is the fucking fire. The ‘Weathered Patina 1998S’ collection features a used weathered look, the designers executed the use of a custom process that washes and sundries the over-dyed hides so well that the soft, worn finish is pretty much indescribable. It really doesn’t matter what your outfit options are at this point, or even how great looking you are because of your genetics, nobody will care about it as they’ll be way too focused on these rucksacks.

Cop these bags at their website here.