Micwrecka : The Wrecktifier (Rogue Squadron)

No, The Rebel Scum has not broken up. This silent Scum of MicWrecka surprised us all by dropping an album, and while they may be from the same crew, MicWrecka and Jin Hackman have very different styles.

MicWrecka’s gritty style stands out for its honest hip hop attitude. Dose Two, Lady Dee, SSK, Jin Hackman, Altimet, Figure of Speech, Apocalypse Dawn, WordsManifest, HQA, Ash G, DJ Fuzz and a whole lotta others made their mark on The Wrecktifier. With so many people on this album, MicWrecka’s seemed to diminish a little on those tracks. But overall, MicWrecka’s still a stellar solo MC. This is good hard ish.

For more, hit up http://tr.youtube.com/watch?v=K5pg14wJkjs