Micwrecka Atcha

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If the name is familiar, then you’re either a friend or someone who knows the local hip hop scene well enough. Props to you. MicWrecka is a member from the monstrous group The Rebel Scum.  He found some time out and recorded this LP called The Wrecktifier. Just like the rest of the TRS members, MicWrecka’s style is infectious, gritty and thought-provoking. This member of the Rogue Squadron crew is dropping this LP in March to lend his machinegun-like skills on issues that matter. The album is produced by MicWrecka himself, Phrozt, Skware-1 and Illson, Coda Massive of The Works, Azrael of XS-One and DJ Fuzz with guest appearances by Proximas, Illevate, Illson, Dose 2, Lady Dee of Naughtius Maximus, Altimet, Jin Hackman and more. We can’t wait!

Wake up around noon-ish tomorrow and check out www.micwreckahiphop.com as it will go live by then.