Michael Mishima: Akuma & Akira EP (Electronic Petz)

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Austrian Japanese globetrotting DJ Michael Mishima is back with a brand new hard-hitting EP called Akuma and Akira. JUICE breaks it down for all you house and techno lovers out there.

The ‘Akuma’ tracks are more related to techno with elements of tribal and prog whereas the ‘Akira’ tracks fuse elements of tech and minimal.

Like ‘Yamato’, released earlier this year, Slok , label owner and mastermind of Electronic Petz, has contributed a great dark, though kind of tribal funky tech stomper mix. The full Akuma & Akira package also includes two amazing techy interpretations of UK’s Rob Small who has recently contributed a mix to Matt Thornton’s Thinking of you EP (also released on Electronic Petz).

A must have for all modern house fanatics. And as always the artwork was created by the Italian designer collective Real DC. Nice!

Akuma & Akira is due to be released on 29 October 2009. For some show-stopping hot dance tracks, checkout Michael Mishima at www.myspace.com/michaelmishima.

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