Micachu & The Shapes: Broken Music For The Sticky Soul

Mika Levi aka Micachu with her band The Shapes have been kicking up a storm of a cacophony with maladjusted lyrics and harmonies all tied together loosely under the pseudo-genre of experimental music.

Micachu, who is a classically-trained musician, started as a DJ and MC in the UK garage and grime scenes in London and released a mixtape called Filthy Friends with the help of friends including singer-songwriter Jack Peñate.

She went on to form The Shapes with Raisa Khan on keyboards and Marc Pell on drums. Together, they released their debut album Jewellery and have since made a fan out of Bjork. Music reviewer, Drowned In Sound consequently hailed the record as “thrillingly improbable pop made by a grade-A maverick.” 

Remember Clor, anyone? Like Clor Micachu uses homemade instruments as well a modified guitar called a ‘chu’, a bowed instrument fashioned from a CD rack and broken bottles and vacuum cleaners. Huh?

Head over to www.myspace.com/micayomusic and pick up ‘Golden Phone’ by Micachu & The Shapes (Rough Trade Records).