Miami Horror: Illumination (EMI)

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In a world of heavy bass line, lasers, and DJs mixing harder (does anyone know what that means?), it’s nice to see that there’s a future to dance music that doesn’t involve who can play louder and create the most repetitious noise. All roads lead to the late 70’s with this nu-disco, vocal laden and may we dare say ‘chillwave’ release from Miami Horror.

After relentless hype by the blog culture for 3 years, Miami Horror (DJ/producer Benjamin Plant and the live 4 piece band) have put together their first LP. Illumination is such a versatile album that could be played in the darkest depths of the club at 2am or the next day, winding down from said nightout.

Watch out for the tracks ‘Holidays’, ‘Imagination’, and ‘I look to you’ – soon to be ubiquitous electro house ‘bangers’ with the combination of funky pop samples and saccharine vocals. Illumination keeps it light lyrically, waxing on about the glory of summer, carefree-ness and the like, all kept together by slick production. At first listen, it might bring to mind music for those who ride fixed gear bikes and dress as if they lack gainful employment, but give it awhile and it will warm up to you like your neighbors’ puppy.

If it’s a race between France and Australia to see who can out disco each other, the Aussies have upped the ante with this Miami Horror debut.

Listen to: ‘Holidays’, ‘Sometimes’ ‘Imagination’
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: 4

If this puts the fire in your disco, head over the Miami Horror’s official site for more.

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