MIA: Born Free

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The newest video from crazy MIA Born Free hit the internet last week.  Maybe it was the violently graphic ginger hunting or the ugly people doing the nasty that caused this video to be pulled from youtube. One thing is for sure, it sent the blogosphere up in a frenzy.

While you can’t ignore the commentary on genocide, racism, and violence in the Roman Gavras directed video, when it comes to MIA, is anyone really surprised? But let’s digress from contributing to already far too discussed themes in the video. Let’s actually talk about the track.

If you picked up the sample of ‘Ghost Rider’ by Suicide – brownie points for you. This is not an easy feat, as it’s covered heavily in an electronic lo-fi diaster-storm. The lyrics hold true to MIA’s outspoken form without straying far from her upfront aggressive attitude.  In fact MIA’s attitude has moved from in-your-face  to “throw this-in-your-face”.  At the end of the day ‘Born Free’ might “take a bite out of life make it snappier” or it just might leave a bitter taste in your mouth.


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