MGMT’s ‘Congratulations’ Music Video To Premiere On JUICEonline

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…Well, not quite. The music video for MGMT’s latest single ‘Congratulations’ will be aired on iTunes and Vevo tomorrow (Tuesday). But JUICE is getting an exclusive Malaysian premiere this Thursday 26 August thanks to Sony Music. And that makes us the best, for Malaysia at least!

Directed by Tom Kuntz (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem), the video is said to be a sprawling journey through an other-worldly desert landscape featuring MGMT and an alien creature that is literally falling to pieces. ‘Congratulations’ is also the name of the 3rd album from the electro psych rock duo of Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. And while this writer may not have found the album to be as spectacular as he thought it would be at the time, it remains a grower, and after a few months and their awesome live performance in Brussels, I must say that I’m actually digging this single.

Slow and melancholic, ‘Congratulations’ strikes a lot closer to the heart compared to other MGMT songs. It could be interpreted as the duo’s attempt to distance themselves from the people who only liked the hits on their previous record. And also their attempt at escaping unwanted fame and fortune (yes, some people are like that). Whatever the real meaning of the song is, we might never know. But we’ll give credit where it’s due and MGMT has got it coming on this one.

And what better way to congratulate you loyal fans out there than to give away free MGMT albums and vinyls? Just keep your eyes peeled to our Contest section and answer a simple question about the music video to win the kick-a$$ prizes.

Here’s a interesting fan video to keep your mouths wet til Thursday when the official video premieres here.


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