VIDEO: MGMT Returns With a Goth-Themed Video for ‘Little Dark Age’

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It’s been only four years since their self-titled album, but a switch turned on for MGMT, who stripped off their past psychedelic aesthetic in favour of something completely new yet unsurprising for the band. Titled ‘Little Dark Age’ – which happens to also be the name of their forthcoming LP – the single itself is nothing foreign to loyal MGMT listeners. There’s the spooky opening, carried on by thumping electronic drums and a wash of psychedelia, however, it’s the sinister vibe from the retro groove of the song that overpowers everything else. It looks like a new phase for the band, but with producers Patrick Wimberly and Dave Fridmann on board for this new record (the latter having worked with them on Oracular Spectacular), this might just be a revamp to a more experimental and avant-garde version of the band – not like they weren’t before.

MGMT channelled their inner goth by incorporating multiple facets of the dark arts and cult-like elements into the music video. There isn’t a clear narrative of what is actually going on, but the short clips of black figures, a magician, and the band in dark lip plus heavy eyeliner aren’t something that needs to be deciphered (do we really wanna spend our time figuring out what chopping fruit is supposed to symbolise?). As far as we’re concerned, all the fog and dusty sheets are a sign of a new era from the band. So why not just welcome them with open arms and see what else is there to come from their new record? We’re waiting, MGMT.

Watch the music video for ‘Little Dark Age’ below:

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