Mettle Games 2010 Action Sports Extravaganza @ East Coast Skatepark, Singapore

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You got to hand it to them Singaporeans, when they put on a sports show; they really put on a show. Case in point; the F1 night races. Likewise, their Mettle Games 2010 was one of the most fun and diverse action sports event ever held in South East Asia.

Text + Images Sukeats

The usual suspects; aggressive inline skating, skateboarding and BMX weren’t the only ones at this party – wakeboarding, mixed martial arts, super mortard (off-road / road motorcycle hybrids) and drag racing amongst others, joined in. The organisers even acquired French Spiderman Alain Robert to scale the iconic Singapore Flyer.

The event drew in the cream of Asian action sports with skateboarders, bladers and BMXers coming in from Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Singapore to battle out the East Coast Skatepark.

Professionals from around the globe were also roped in to do demo shows and hang with the local boys. Singaporean based mini speaker makers, X-mini, brought in their international blade team made up of professional bladers – Oli Benet (UK), Chiaki Ito (Japan) & Leon Humphries (UK) to wow the local crowd together with skateboarders Jereme Rogers and Aquil Brathwaite from Selfish Skateboards.

The Mettle Games is a far cry from the usual dog and pony shows we get at action sports events with bad organization, small turnout and tiny prize purses. The international talent and all around good vibes at the Mettle Games just raised the bar for action sports events in Asia.

Sukeats went for Mettle Games 2010 Action Sports Extravaganza held at East Coast Skatepark, Singapore on 7 November 2010. More snaps here. Say hi to him at and check out Sukeats iPhone video edit below.


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