Merdeka With Zher 8TV

For fans of 8TV, Zher is instantly recognizable. A recent addition to the 8TV team, JUICE reckons Zher Peen is not only gonna go big but she’s a fashionista in the making. That’s doesn’t mean we’re immune to drilling her on the finer points of being a Malaysian though.

What does it mean to be Malaysian?
Being able to appreciate nasi kandar or any kind of food at ridiculous hours of the day, mastering the usage of words such as “chuuun” or “poyo” and of course, Manglish!

Where did you grow up and what is your fondest childhood memory of Malaysia?
I grew up in KL so going for short trips was always a major event. My fondest childhood memory would be of my great grandmother’s shophouse in Teluk Intan or “Diamond Bay” as I affectionately call it. One Chinese New Year there were fireworks, lion dancers and of course the whole family reunited in that charming small town.

What will you be doing when the clock strikes 12 midnight on 31 August this year?
Watching fireworks somewhere, anywhere!

What’s your definition of independence?
Mental liberation, knowing your identity and knowing what you want and how to get it.

Who’s your Malaysian hero?
Yasmin Ahmad and the Kluang Man.

What is your favorite Malaysian song right now?
Atilia’s ‘Leka’. It’s extremely sexy to me.

Who is your favourite Malaysian band/artist?
Killeur Calculateur. They are ACE!

Where is your favourite Malaysian getaway?
Perhentian Kecil off the coast of Terengganu. It’s slightly more commercialized than it was 5 years ago, but I hope the beauty and laid back feel will be preserved. If they start to construct high rise buildings or 5 star resorts there my heart will break.

The worst and best Malaysian traits are…..
Best: We are professional.
Worst: We don’t know how to use public toilets.

If you were Prime Minister for the day you would…..
Make sure plans are underway for more green lungs throughout Klang Valley.

If you could leave Malaysian’s with one thought to ponder this Merdeka what would it be?
An independent nation starts with independent thinking individuals.

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