Merdeka With Deanna Ibrahim


Catwalk model-slash-thrift store renegade-slash-Zookeeper of Threadszoo. Deanna Ibrahim has enough slashes to rival a Freddie Kruger flick. Threadzoo, is one of her more prominent initiatives. A flea market you’ll find folks selling mostly secondhand items like clothes and jewelry to paintings and photographs her. Her latest effort was coincidentally held on Merdeka day. The No Plastic Bag Bazaar at Noble Banquet saw 70 vendors congregate for a good cause and proceeds went to the FFF (Furry Farm Friends) and MNS (Malaysian Nature Society). So Deanna scores on the runway, and in the fashion scene, but will she score in our Merdeka quiz?

What does it mean to be Malaysian?
It feels amazing to be part of one of the fastest developing Muslim countries! To be grateful as a Muslim is how grateful I am to be Malaysian.

Where did you grow up and what is your fondest childhood memory of Malaysia?
I grew up in the suburbs of KL in an army camp where my dad was the only Navy [personnel] from Singapore. The nearest area to this army camp is perhaps Jalan Ipoh, which is famous for their yong tau foo and bak kut teh. My fondest memory of Malaysia was when all of us lined up in front of our cupboard like we were on Rediffusion TV, watching the Proton Saga Knight do his thing driving on two wheels and doing stunts for Proton’s launch at Stadium Merdeka.

What will you be doing when the clock strikes 12 midnight on 31 August this year?
I will gather some friends and loved ones over drinks after our event. Perhaps we will gossip about how Malaysia has been or maybe we will be sharing our personal moments about Malaysia’s past activities.

What’s your definition of independence?
The freedom to think and speak.

Who’s your Malaysian hero?
My dad, because he played for Malaysia’s football team back in the 70s.

What is your favorite Malaysian song right now?
‘Saya Anak Malaysia’ by Aboi! That’s classic man.

Who is your favourite Malaysian band/artist?
I have a few, but Aboi – this one you really gotta check out.

Where is your favourite Malaysian getaway?
I like Cherating- but I ‘ve only been to a few places here. My next year’s resolution is to visit Malaysia in and out!

The worst and best Malaysian traits are…..
That we mock Singaporeans for being ‘kiasu’ when in reality the mother of all ‘kiasus’ is us, actually!

If you were Prime Minister for the day you would…..
Make every race equal! Probably that would stop some of us from rebelling.

If you could leave Malaysian’s with one thought to ponder this Merdeka what would it be?
Look around, take a deep breath of Malaysia’s breeze and be grateful.

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