Merdeka with Azmyl Yunor

Singer-songwriter, lecturer, band-slut and sambal petai lover Azmyl Yunor is known for his fiercely independent views on freedom – which is exactly why JUICE has chosen to speak to the husky-voiced singer about independence day and what about makes us Malaysians. Welcome to ‘the otherside’ of the our education system….

What does it mean to be Malaysian?
To have a valid MyKad with an ‘Islam’ imprint.

Where did you grow up and what is your fondest childhood memory of Malaysia?
Kuala Lumpur and Bangi. My fondest memory would be cycling along Sungai Bunus in KL in the 1980s at dusk and hearing the azan called in the distance and having goosebumps recalling stories about the hantu tetek.

What will you be doing when the clock strikes 12 midnight on 31 August this year?
In my family home backyard, looking up at the night sky for a shooting star.

What’s your definition of independence?
Free from debt and the greasy clutches of religious demagogues.

Who’s your Malaysian hero?
Salleh Ben Joned.

What is your favorite Malaysian song right now?
‘Hantu’ by Ariff Akhir.

Who is your favourite Malaysian band/artist?

Where is your favourite Malaysian getaway?

The worst and best Malaysian traits are…..
In yesterday’s (25 August 2009) newspapers headline spin and in the letter to editor section….

If you were Prime Minister for the day you would…..

If you could leave Malaysians with one thought to ponder this Merdeka what would it be?
To also celebrate Malaysia Day on 16 September or be square!

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