Merdeka Party @ Fusion and Co, Melbourne

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If you had told us that a group in Melbourne, Australia could run a bigger and crazier Merdeka party than we do in Malaysia, we would not have believed you. That is, until we saw the videos and images from the biggest Merdeka celebration in Melbourne at Level 3, Crown Casino by the TANG group.

Run by the biggest events group in Australia that caters towards the Asian market, the guys and girls at TANG Events ( take running parties very seriously. DJ Fluke, the entertainment manager for TANG events said, “We are always looking to bring in the best artists from overseas and we have the track record to prove that we are all about putting on the best events possible. Having had Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Eva Simons, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Chad Hugo and many more international artists at our events.”

This year the goal was a simple one, to throw a massive Merdeka celebration for the growing number of Malaysians in Melbourne. TANG organised a trip to KL so that they could keep up to date with the best artists in Malaysia and sent invitations off to everyone that they wanted for this party. Everyone that accepted the invitation was on the bill (Joey G, Eva T, Bass Agents, Victor Trixster, Dennis Lau, Patricia K, Funkzu, MC Terry T along with DJ Fluke who represented Melbourne and Malaysia).

The outcome was best described as the biggest Merdeka celebration ever. Officially 1300+ people attended Crown Casino which lent the TANG group their 2 world class nightclubs – Fusion and Co. A fashionably late crowd (we’re still Malaysians abroad!) lead to a never ending queue out the front as DJs warmed up the crowd inside. At midnight, the Merdeka countdown celebration was deafening but a 2nd countdown at 2am (which was 12midnight in Malaysia) was decided due to the amount of people stuck outside in the queue who missed the first countdown. Needless to say, the second countdown was even more deafening than the first! The Djs tunes rang on through the night and did not finish until 5am. We can only imagine that no Malaysians’ were at work or Uni the following day because, yes, all this occurred on a work/uni day.

Next year, TANG promises to throw an even bigger party! As our Malaysian team continues to grow, so will the event. We have already started preparations for next year and are looking for the next big artists in Malaysia. If you’re a performer or a DJ and you feel like you have something to offer, please e-mail a press kit to [email protected].

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