Melissa Indot x Zero 7 Remix Competition

The award winning multi-talented singer, producer and DJ Melissa Indot had recently signed up for the Zero 7 Remix Competition. Songbird Melissa submitted one of her remixes, ‘Destiny’, which was initially intended for her current project (we can’t tell you what yet) started early last year. But this track is more than just a random work of art, it’s a dream come true.

The UK based downtempo styled musical band had recently announced a competition in search for the best remix of 4 selected songs of theirs namely ‘Destiny’, ‘Home’, ‘Future’ and ‘Swing’. From the top rated remixes, Zero 7 picks their favourite and the winner takes home Ableton Live software (worth about £400, that’s almost RM2000), plus an exposure of the winning track to 1 million Soundcloud users.

Coincidentally, Melissa had remixed ‘Destiny’ for her current work making it into a duet with one of her favourite female vocalist, Sia Furler. To her, singing with Sia is a “pure fantasy”, and she got to live that fantasy for 5 minutes on this remix. Thanking her fans for never-ending support, she reckons your collection of love will again work its magic. Click, click, poof!

Her remix is currently ranked as ‘Most Popular’ in the chart, and she needs your help to push it to the top. Listen to Melissa’s version of ‘Destiny’ and vote here. The competition comes to an end on 27 September, so hurry!

Every IP address can only vote once, but rumor has it that you can vote as many times as you like using your mobiles via 3G. Loopholes FTW!

Melissa tells you a little bit about her projects plus a little mini MV for the remix here. Check out Melissa’s blog posts on her competition entry, click here. Don’t forget to check out her official website at