Meeting Of Characters #3 @ Jelatek Riverbank

Graff artists converged at the Jelatek riverbank for a special event called ‘Meeting of Characters #3’. Organized by Snozze and VLT, they found this abandoned space the perfect spot for artists to express themselves through art.

Themed ‘Black and White’, this marked the organizer’s 3rd event, and the 2nd time held at Jelatek, the first being held at Damai. Local talents Kangblabla, uli, Martin, Shin, Piggster, Escape, Bibichun, Yisin, Idz, Chern, Peroltz, Moggot, VLT Crew, Medea, Snozze, They, Satturday, Cheok, Tai and Damis added some much needed colour and flavour to the riverbank in the span of 2 days. We at JUICE think that graffiti is anything but vandalism and hope there are more events like this in the future!

Meeting of Characters was held @ Jelatek Riverbank on 23-24 October 2010. Check out more pix in our gallery!