MCAsia Music Factory “The Creation” @ KL Live

We wouldn’t have missed this even if we wanted to! It was a night that would be worth talking about for days to come for everyone who attended this sizzling hot party! Right from the beginning we received a good bit of house music as the night started off with our very own DJs Popcorn Perky and Ian Ross before moving on to international DJs Effen from Singapore, Richard Durand from Netherlands and Sean Tyas from the US. The earlier performances however were just the appetizers for the main course which we were about to receive.

At first it was so easy for us to move about from one side of the building to the other but soon we noticed it was getting tighter and tighter as the crowd kept pouring in and before you knew it, we were stuck like a can of sardines! Though we can’t really complain with all the ladies everywhere.

When the clock struck 11pm, the crowd roared when Richard Durand was up next to take over the decks of the party and the crowd was going ballistic! As soon as Effen passed the decks we felt an instant change in the atmosphere as this world famous DJ who made it to DJ Magazine‘s top 50 DJs was about to take charge! Everyone instantly went to the dancefloor in anticipation for the bass to kick and when it did, well we are sure you can imagine what happened next.

There were a few things that kept the night from being the best it could be besides the incredibly high price for beer. The speakers started cracking up a little after Richard Durand was spinning and he had to tone it down a little. The crowd showed their disapproval as they boo-ed but the quality of the sound soon made them forget about it and continue on partying.

Soon we noticed that there was more people coming in and the entire place was packed to the brim just before 1am. It seems like the person everyone had come to see was about to enter the stage as it was his turns to control the decks. The second main event of the night, Sean Tyas, was what everybody was waiting for. The DJ who made a meteoric rise as a new entry to reach #54 in DJ Magazine‘s Top 100 and who made one of last years biggest releases titled ‘Lift’. If we thought everyone was at their limit, boy did we ever think wrong cause as soon as Sean Tyas started playing the crowd was going nuts! Everybody was jam packed on the dancefloor.

The smooth hypnotising music got everybody into a dance trance with their hands up in the air and on their feet the whole time. The people were just ecstatic as they followed the ride the DJs were taking them on. It was not a place for the faint-hearted in this party where the bass keeps pumping.

We salute the organisers for putting together an amazing party!

MCAsia Music Factory “The Creation” was at KL Live, Live Centre on 23 January 2010. Checkout pictures in our gallery!