May 9th: Malaysia Made History and Memes

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(Source: The Sun Daily, Asyraf Rashid)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would know that Malaysia made groundbreaking history last Wednesday. The country went through a political revolution by overthrowing the long-dominating ruling party while Tun Dr Mahathir became the world’s oldest elected leader at 92. Seriously though, what is his skin care routine? 92 and the 7th elected Prime Minister, I don’t think anybody is ever allowed to complain about being tired or lazy ever again. Tun Mahathir DID THAT.

This year it was revealed that 41% of votes came from the 21-39 age bracket. The youth came out in droves to vote, but not without making a few memes. This is Malaysian millennial culture at its best.

Here are our favourites:

1. Get ready, it’s a long ride

(Source: Twitter @aikazee_)


2. A brief overview of GE14

(Source: Twitter @dan_khoo)


3. If you know, you know

(Source: Twitter @stphfrndz)


4. It was a slow night for PAS

(Source: Twitter @athenadon)


5. Who can relate? :/

(Source: Twitter; @_MuhammadSyabil)


6. We were there in spirit

(Source: Twitter @ameeh_here)


7. What waiting actually felt like

(Source: Twitter, @My_MGAG)


8. Did you know Bruno Mars sang in Malay?

(Source: Twitter @HSY_LL)


9. Well, she’s not wrong #10%

(Source: Twitter, @rileytresjolie)


10. It’s okay we did good though!

(Source: Twitter, @rachelmaya_)


11. To be really honest

(Source: Twitter @FUXKINRAD)

12. TRU

(Source: Twitter, @atirarusman)


13. Angry reacs only

(Source: Twitter @Marzzt_)


14. Millennial culture in a nutshell

(Source: Twitter @swtpbuh)


15. Always meme ready

(Source: Twitter @hxsm)


16. Classic

(Source: Twitter @ansyazwan)


17. We have unlocked the secret character – 2018 is for W’s only

(Source: Twitter @aimanzom)


18. Avengers: Infinity War spoilers – without context

(Source: Instagram @carldevstar_)


19. Waking up on 10th May to a new Malaysia.

(Source: Twitter, @zunarkartunis)


20. We love the political revolution. 

(Source: Twitter, @MahdevSS)


21. Guess we don’t have any excuses to be lazy anymore, folks.

(Source: Twitter @isebelleysf)


22. SMH at Malaysian lateness culture.

(Source: Twitter @RossTapsell)


23. It was a long day waiting.

(Source: Twitter @AikaG)


24. BN? Never heard of her.

(Source: Twitter @IniAnwarHadi)


25. Who else? 

(Source: Twitter @Qayzr)


26. Hari Raya shopping anyone?

(Source: Twitter @nalisaaa)


27. Malaysians memang laju for the meme.

(Source: Twitter @4M30W)


28. Relationship GOALS forever.

(Source: Twitter @shaleenfauzi)

29. Mat Sabu – an icon 

(Source: Twitter @haikalclassic)


30. How we all felt for the GE14 results


31. Countdown to Ramadan feels


32. Millennials love a good Vine reference #BringbackVine


33. Mat Sabu- a crowd favourite


34. Every other country will be shooketh


35. The whole world is waiting for the answers 


36. You know this will be you in the future too.

(Source: Twitter @ArishaRozaidee)


37. Make history and memes – a mood forever

(Source: Twitter, @haikalclassic)


We hope you enjoyed this compilation of GE14 memes. If you don’t happen to be happy with the results…. well why wouldn’t you? We made history as a nation and the rakyat has spoken.

Which meme was your favourite? Let us know!

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