VIDEO: Mathy & Fran’s Loud Places Captures Living Potraits of Dead Music Venues

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This short looks back at three music venues that revolutionised the music scene in the respective cities they were built in and what they’ve been transformed into today. Despite being located in various parts of the European map, each venue played the same role of providing a stage – in both a metaphorical and literal sense – to define an artiste’s career; the likes of Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Ramones, Siouxsie and the Banshees had performed at these places way before they became household names in the music industry.

But as the phrase goes, “All good things must come to an end.” After the demand for rock music decreased, it’s understandable as to why spaces catered to the genre found it hard to sustain themselves. Now, they have been turned into restaurants, theatres, and even a gym — imagine doing deadlifts at the same place Joe Strummer of The Clash could have been standing in.

Watch the video below to see what former patrons had to say about their favourite venue and the ticket stubs they collected during those years:

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