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If you want your band to be remembered, then name it after the most hated subject in school. That’s exactly what Shah Alam boys Nabil and Taj did. “We wanted something simple and easy to remember,” said Nabil. Guitarist Nabil and keyboardist Aten were the original members going under the name Rockets Flying.

Later, vocalist Taj joined and the band was renamed. A listen to their myspace which features unreleased tracks from their upcoming EP Bring Me The Light, shows that these young musicians have got more to offer than just a quirky name. Sounding like The Automatic clashing with The Killers, their danceable pop rock is drenched in The Cribs-ish muddiness. With newly added bassist Shah, the boys are hoping to hit it big this year. While Aten is away completing her studies, Taj, 22, and Nabil, 20, have been busy writing and recording songs. As far as band diplomacy goes, Taj pens down the lyrics while Nabil comes up with fundamental musical arrangements. With cheeky stages names like Dance Dance Mugabe (Taj) and Shah Sexxy, Matematik knows how to have a good time while rocking the stage. A long way since their first EP, Nabil recalls their initial sound engineer thought that “they were another band who wanted to post songs on Myspace to get chicks.” Bring Me The Light EP will be released later this month, and Taj, who studies law and designs the band’s t-shirts, says “This time, the sound engineer will probably add us.”

Find out if Matematik has the chops to put where their mouth is on

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