Massive 2011: TRIMIX Interview

Set to wow fellow Malaysians at Massive 2011 is our very own homegrown DJ trio TRIMIX, consisting of Samuel Dan, David Gary, and Droolotte Tasha. These three are forces to be reckoned with as each of their respective skills play off one another to create a unique trance-based sound. Despite only forming two years ago, each individual has had experience in the production and arrangement of music and one (we won’t name anyone!) even conducted an orchestra at 14. JUICE catches up with the trio just in time before Massive 2011.

How did you guys meet, joined forces and decide to become TRIMIX?
Samuel Dan and David Gary have worked together since 18 years ago as studio engineers in Scat Productions Kuala Lumpur. Both have also worked in various studios and they are well versed, experienced in producing music and engineering work for TV and Cinema commercials. For example AIM 2000 Launch Music, Award Presentation & TV Promo, BMW 3, 5, 7 Series, Gatorade, Bausch & Lomb, Pearl and Dean, GSC Cinema, Toyota Avanza (Indonesia), Ziplock (USA) and many more. Also included are music and engineering productions for local artists such as Raihan, Nora, Casey, Amir Yussof, Soo Wincci, Altered Frequency and international artists such as Chang Hui Mei (Taiwanese pop diva). Both later proceeded to pursue their own careers and ambitions with Sam starting his DJ career in the mid ’90s while David ventured into honing his music productions skills and joining a local band called Altered Frequency as their bassist in 2004.

Tasha was trained with instruments – namely piano and clarinet – and exposed herself to the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven. At 14, she conducted an orchestra in Petaling Jaya making her one of the youngest that time to do so, while at the same time performed with the symphony band. She met Sam in 2006 and decided to start DJing together.

In 2009, Tasha won the first DJ Award Bedroom Competition and since then, all of them decided to perform for a bigger crowd, producing and releasing their own favorite EDM sounds.

What was the best event that TRIMIX has performed at? Mind giving us a low down on it?
Each event played has always left us with great memories and wanting to do more! Each has our own experience and to sum a few of them; we’ve done Café del Mar (Ibiza), Nature One, Hexenhouse Stage (Germany), Funky LA (Germany), Freedom (KL), Speedzone (KL), Hennessy Artistry (Malaysia tour) and clubs around KL. Every time we play, the best feeling is when the crowd grooves along and their palms raised non-stop to the tunes and ultimately, the greater feeling is when the crowd goes wild on the dancefloor when we play our own TRIMIX tunes.

What do you guys have planned for Massive 2011?
We would like to showcase TRIMIX own productions to the public and this time we will be performing live! And of course have a great time with our friends as well.

Which DJs are you looking forward to meet at Massive 2011?
Every DJ that’s performing for Massive 2011. They are extraodinary DJs with their own unique music flavours and styles.

How can our local DJ scene improve? Any nuggets of wisdom to aspiring newcomers?

For us, we like to work together with others. When you work together, this will create a sharing environment and when this knowledge of sharing is practiced, good things will birth from the heart.

Continue to believe in ourselves, keep learning in honing individual skills. Pursue music production by attending studio production masterclass and courses that are around town and local music institutions.

If you guys could collaborate with any artist or DJ around the world, who would it be and why?
We are working with DJ Fono and misterAriffin. We have also done a track with our friends Deat Marotta of Tiger & Dragon from Germany.

We choose not to limit ourselves to only collaborating with only one DJ but as many as we could because there’s so much we can learn from these great DJs, their unique ways of arranging music, the sound or equipments used and perhaps, learn their sense of humour.

To put names, we would love to collaborate with Woody Van Eyden, Benno De Goeij, Markus Schulz, Deadmau5, Ferry Corsten, Scooter, Dash Berlin, Emma Hewitt, Sarah Howells, Jennifer Rene, Christian Burns, Van Velzen, Richard Bedford and of course… many more!

What’s the future for TRIMIX?

To continue producing more tracks and continuously improving our DJ and music productions skills.

What is your favourite track at the moment?
The edited version of our latest production, ID7. We’ll play it at Massive 2011!

Catch Trimix at Massive 2011 in Sepang International Circuit on 1 Oct. For more info, go to