Massive 2011 @ Sepang

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The Sepang Circuit was shaken hard last Saturday night. Massive 2011 lived up to its name. Yes, it was an enormous rave! As one of the biggest dance music festivals of the year, it really blew the party-lovers away!

Text Lie Vera + Astika Suprapto

Massive 2011 was enlivened by 6 top International DJs (MarLo, Marcel Woods, HeavensGate, Simon Patterson and Scott Alert) and 4 local DJs, such as misterAriffin, DJ Nikki, Fono and Trimix. This wild bash wasn’t just about partying, an M.C.Asia Music Workshop was held in the afternoon, right before the party burst. To whet the urge of dance spirits, a shuffling dance competition was added in between and the winner brought home RM3000. Jealous? Well, you should practice everyday then!

Despite the rain, the party started with a slight delay. But that didn’t douse the mood of the crowd. As the night went on, dance lovers were stepping one by one onto the dancefloor, and in mere seconds, the floor was flooded by wild dancers having the time of their lives.

With international DJs spinning non-stop behind their decks, the crowd became massively fired up. Although there wasn’t really a difference between VIPs and normal party-goers, we found it unreasonable to pay for RM10 mineral water (looks like that problem hasn’t stopped since 200X). Despite that, we were all dancing like there was no tomorrow, partly thanks to the apocalyptic laser lights.

DJ MarLo pumped up the dancefloor with his electronic trance beats while DJ Simon Patterson, our personal favorite, hypnotised us with his tech trance. As more party worshipers came along, the DJs went louder, the temperature rose, and sweat began to pour. At the peak of this rave, Simon Patterson and Scott Alert closed the unforgettable party by spitting out their beats and making sure everybody had a blast. If you had missed all this, you should feel sorry, because it was an EPIC party! We can’t wait to take part in the next Massive music-dance bash!

This 12 hours off-the-hook party, Massive 2011, happened at Sepang Circuit, Kuala Lumpur on 1 October 2011. For pictures of the non-stop action, checkout our gallery.