Massive 2011: Marcel Woods Interview

Dancefloors and festivals had fallen upon Marcel Woods in swift succession, having played at Trance Energy, Escape into the Park, Sanctuary and many more in just one summer run! 2008 saw him become the only DJ ever to play both the White and Black Edition Sensation parties in one season. He was responsible for some of the biggest productions of the last few years, including the official Trance Energy 2006 anthem ‘Advanced’, the Pete Tong Essential Tune ‘Monotone’, Tiësto’s 2009 favourite ‘Inside Me’ and the smash hit ‘Lemon Tree’.

Now he will grace us with his sets and will be playing at Massive 2011 in Sepang International Circuit this coming 1 Oct. But before that, we caught up with him and asked him some questions…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how and when you started in the music business?
I started very early in the EDM scene, I was first a resident in a famous club in Holland, from there I started to produce and my travels around the world began, which brings me here to KL.

What is up with the picture where half your face was painted like The Joker? A comic geek at heart?
That stands for my diversity in music, I was the only artist ever that did both Sensation White and Black in 2008. And I played on both events with the same type of music, so that’s the story behind the ‘joker’ image. But I have to admit it looks too much like The Joker.

How is a typical day for Marcel Woods like?
Wake up at 6.30am, wake up my little daughter, dress her and feed her, then my wife takes over. Then I’m in the office around 8am. And around 10am studio lights will shine. At 6pm we’ll shut down the studio and I’ll head back home.

You have been DJing for a long time. How is it like keeping up with the times and the fickle music trend?
I don’t have to keep up in my opinion, I always did what I wanna do, just make music for my own sets, and people around the world like that a lot. So it keeps me going and going.

You always play at huge events such as Escape Into The Park and Trance Energy, just to name a few. Any rock star stories to share? Or maybe even some low-points if you may?
Haha, no low points in regards to big events, it’s always cool. But I prefer the smaller intimate events where you can look people into their eyes.

And see the fire in their eyes? Tell us about that time when Advance came out and how DJ Tiesto came into the picture.
Tiesto was the first who received the promo back in 2005, and he smashed that one for years in his set. So now we asked him if he wanted to do a remix, which he did and it was already a top 10 hit on Beatport.

Are you excited about spinning at Massive 2011?
For sure, I have many tracks of my own and some secret weapons from the labels.

You’re a DJ and a producer, is there anything you do that is not music related or do you breathe and eat music?
It’s 24/7 music related!

Catch Marcel Woods at Massive 2011 on 1 Oct. For more info, go to