Massacre Conspiracy set to play at Quebec

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Massacre Conspiracy is booking it out of here and playing at Canada for winning PLANETROX. The melodic metal core group are set to represent Malaysia at the 16 edition of Envol et Macadam at Quebec, Canada’s top alternative music festival from 29 September to 1 October. The six-piece band won hands down when they bested Estranged, The Jesper and Later All by the votes of judges and the public at the Celebrities Hall of Music at Solaris Mont Kiara.

Since the band formed almost 3 years back, they had quickly gained the attention of the local scene. They were also the youngest act to perform on Rock the World‘s stage.

They would also be joined by winners from South Korea, Japan, France and other countries from over the world. Besides winning a chance to perform at Quebec, their airfare, accommodation and promotion would be part of their prize.

The mission of this international effort is to discover the best up and coming bands and present them to the public. In the past years, Sum 41, Pennywise, The Sounds, Metric, Raekwon and Bloc Party are but a few of the well-known artists that have played at Envol et Macadam.

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