Mash Up @ Cabana, JB

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Text & Images David Chin

Ah, mash up. That bast*rd of genres where pop meets electro and has a dalliance with rock while r’n’b plays the naughty voyeur. Cheeky indeed. And JUICE brought down a heaping helping of the musical meatloaf to Johor to show on.

Right off the bat, the heaving contents of Cabana in JB’s club and bar hotspot, the Fun Zon, wasted no time with formalities and got down with Leonard T and Luqe, Zouk KL’s mash specialists, like old friends. The proverbial king of the electro mash up, Leonard quickly conquered hearts while Luqe’s r’n’b-pop-hop tunage, like JW’s cocktails, turned out to be just the crowd’s sort of sauce. Defying the stereotype that clubbers outside the capital can’t party, androgynous boys were spotted grinding next to leather miniskirts, which were seen rubbing elbows with suits and eyed up touching toes with shufflers; which made the JB club crowd the living embodiment of mash up. And we reckon some KL venues could learn a thing or two about egalitarianism from that. Can I hear a holler, JB? J

Johnnie Walker presents The Knowledge in collaboration with JUICE: Mash Up happened on 21 November. Props to Pioneer and Johnnie Walker for their, well, props! For more on The Knowledge, log onto or This report was first published in the January 2008 issue of JUICE.

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