Martell VSOP Bartending Academy

Text & Image David Chin

Here’s a tip to making your lectures and exams more bearable – make them about alcohol. Given the opportunity to sit in on Martell’s bartending classes, JUICE grabbed a pen and panadol and declared class in session.

And at the Martell VSOP Bartending Academy, we’re taught to appreciate alcohol by only the best: Lionel Lau, alcohol connoisseur, instructed us on the full range of wines and liquors under the Pernod Ricard family; and Maverick, a senior mixologist schooled us on 10 drink-making techniques and the art of the garnish; which will not only come in handy at our next house party, but turned out to be an inspired learning experience thanks to plenty of em, hands-on work. So while we exit not quite ready to take up a professional position behind the bar, we do know Scotland is where you head to for a good whiskey, vodka is the recommended accompaniment to sambal and keropok, and we know what Item 86 is. Do you?

If you’re keen on attending the Martell VSOP Bartending Academy held 3 times a year, call Fong Yik Peng from Millennium Associates at 016 313 1873. This report was first published in the January 2008 issue of JUICE