Martell presents JUICE 7th Birthday @ Euphoria MOS

Ok, we get it. EVERYBODY loves JUICE.
Ok, we get it. EVERYBODY loves JUICE.

Neon gear – check, sunnies – check, roadmap – check. JUICE had come a long way, 7 years to be exact, and we were doing it different. Throwing our shebang at Euphoria MOS, the international superclub was geographically remote and gargantuan. We thought that might count against us but you must really love us ’cause the joint filled up faster than bottomless alcoholic at a beer buffet. So what if the usual KL kakis were absent, we made 2000 new friends tonight.

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There was plenty to keep the party well lubricated. 3 different bars downstairs and one VIP bar upstairs dished out 2 different Martell, Chivas and Absolut lipsmacking cocktails each, as fast as the orders came in. If the hospitality was chi-chi and the environment smoke free and clean, the entertainment was dirty and on fire.

Mr Fluff lifted the lid on the gig and turned up the tempo on a super sexy house set that included some self produced work in time to the arriving masses. Mad props! With our lips barely greasing up our um, Pink Pussy (that’s the name of our Absolut cocktail), ever hawt host Joey G issued the orders and Adidas Originals’ AW09 line came marching in. Styled by party monster and club kid Illkid (with special mention to his plush rat) and modeled by among others DJ Goldfish and club kid and fashion muse Aaron, if you like the season’s oversized tees and killer kicks hit the stores now! The fashion show was a preamble for the fun and games to come the highlight of which was the walk off, proving yet again that a little skin wins hands down. Oh yeah.

The lethal combination that is Mic Hoh and Jonvu, both DJ Quest alumi, delivered an electro set with legs that damn nearly ran away with the show. It was jumping! Eclectic Botz are Lapsap for the next generation. Barely off the plane and straight off the back of a European tour Arabyrd stormed the stage like a shimmering hurricane blowing the gobsmacked floor away. If her earlier material was reminiscent of MIA, it was the bold brassy, bottom heavy sound of Missy E thumping all through beats so freshly baked by Cee of Al Haca who was on decks tonight. And we were among the first people to hear it. You better take note, cause the name Arabyrd is about to detonate all over the internationally scene.

The enigmatic Foulworks took over, their masks slipping briefly to reveal the alter egos underneath (we’re not saying) as they dropped the loopy Tetris soundtrack by way of an unforgettable intro. It was madness queued up on the decks there after as their stomping riot of a sound paved the way for the night’s headliner, DJ Victor G. Resident here at Euphoria, his presence had really sealed the full circle for JUICE. Nearly 7 years ago Victor G became the first ever JUICE DJ Quest champ and look where this deft handed turntablist and DJ is now – at the top of his game. Like JUICE, he’s come along way – it was enough to leave us misty-eyed. Who knows what the future holds but we have a strong feeling it’s gonna be bright and we got you to thank for that. We wouldn’t be here without you. Love. Peace. Music.

JUICE made 7 on Friday 31 July at Euphoria MOS. Making the JUICE party happen were partystarters Martell, Chivas and Absolut. We’ve also wanna get down and worship the fab Euphoria staff especially Ricco Cruz and DJ Victor G, Adidas Originals for their fine threads and treads, Illkid for his bada$$ style and his models, the ever charming Joey G, mad crazy Arafah and Cee, Fluff, Eclectic Botz, Foulworks – we love you. Nuff said.  Partner media Capital FM – Turn It Up! – 8TV (you got it covered!) and the generosity of Camp 5, Snips and Berjaya Resorts.