Mark Ronson and The Business Intl’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ Video Premier

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Is it better to be first or to be better than everyone else? Who the hell cares? If you were an oil slicking millionaire maybe you’d know the answer. Us? We’ll just be contented to be the first ones to premier the new Mark Ronson and The Business Intl’s video to South East Asia.

‘Bang Bang Bang’ sees Mark Ronson doing what he does best-smashing disparate genres and artists into each other headfirst, before standing back and admiring the controlled, party-starting chaos left behind.

Featuring the talents of Mark’s old mucker rapper Q-Tip, as well as vocals from MNDR who moonlights as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ live keyboard player; the first single from the Mid-Atlantic mastermind’s new album Record Collection-the follow up to Version, which went triple platinum in the UK-is a playground funk triumph.

Released through Columbia, it’s a collaborative effort, with Mark at the production helm. The song was built using a classic Eighties Duran Duran keyboard idea (“Setting 32 on the Prophet V,” says this self-confessed trainspotter and crate-digger) and a version of French nursery rhyme Alouette (MNDR’s idea). Add to this a writing contribution from Nick Hodgson of Kaiser Chiefs and ideas culled from Mark’s experiences touring the festival circuit and the result hangs and bangs together brilliantly.

“When we played all those festivals in 2007, we’d end up in the dance tent. And I got so jealous when Justice or Soulwax or Pendulum would go into their double-time breaks, and all the kids would start jumping up and down. And we never had that tempo in our set. So I just wanted that in one of our songs,” said Mark.

Mark’s 16-bit styled instrumental ‘Circuit Breaker’ has already gone viral, getting the blogs burning like an aural Bunsen burner. ‘Bang Bang Bang’ looks to be the kind of explosion you’ll be more than happy to stand next to when it goes off.

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