Mark McNairy for Heather Grey Wall AK47 Pullover Jacket

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Alright! Hypebeast dot com is shipping to our lovely shores for free at the moment, which means it’s your solemnly sworn duty to head over to the on sale side of their store and get it on with the shopping. With up to 70% off, you can bet your mom that one of our writers is already balls deep with his credit card limit copping every single shit he sees (being the fuccboi that he is). That being said though, we heavily endorse you copping this Mark McNairy for Heather Grey Wall Beige AK47 Pullover Jacket. Aside from it being designed by the maverick badass designer Mark McNairy himself, this pullover jacket fucks heavily with guns and if you must ask now; guns are an essential statement to your gangster swag appeal. But the main point to this purchase is that after reduction, this shit will only cost you approximately RM411.49 as compared to the original RM1,062! Available in beige or grey, this Anorak-style pullover jacket with a front flap pocket, partial zip closure, and adjustable drawstring hood will look one hunna’ when you don it with a pair of skinny jeans, roughed out boots and beanie.

Head on over here to cop this fine specimen of an anorak.