M’sian Celeb Weds In Thailand While Groom’s First Wife Observes Umrah

source: Harian Metro

A Malaysian celebrity has reportedly tied the knot during a hush-hush wedding in Thailand, while the groom’s first wife was away observing Umrah.

News of the wedding is causing quite a buzz among Malaysians as it involves Marissa Dania Hakim, a social media influencer and daughter of Malaysian actor Norman Hakim.

Aslam and his first wife, Misya. (source: Harian Metro)

The marriage took place amidst rumours of infidelity, as the groom, Aslam was still married to Misya Mazlan, his first wife and mother of his two children. Last September, Misya accused Marissa of being the reason for her divorce from Aslam.

Norman Hakim responded to the matter by apologising to the public via a social media post, in which he stated that the “episode” had been resolved behind closed doors and would henceforth serve as a lesson to the family.

Marissa later apologised to fans on Instagram, urging them not to pin the blame on her parents.

Despite the controversy, Aslam and Misya decided to reconcile during the iddah period (a term used in Islamic law to refer to the period of waiting that a woman must observe after the dissolution of her marriage).

Marissa with father Norman Hakim and mother Abby Abadi, a local singer and actress. (source: Harian Metro)

Confirming the news, Aslam’s sister-in-law, Nadiah Mazlan, verified that Marissa and Aslam indeed got married in Songkla, Thailand, on 27 December last year.

Notably, Marissa is believed to have distanced herself from her parents on social media. Harian Metro reports that Norman, Marissa’s father, unfollowed her on Instagram. Meanwhile Abby, her mother, has not taken such action thus far.

Subsequent reports state that Marissa and Aslam’s parents are aware of their union. However, Marissa’s parents are opposed to it and have urged the couple to separate.