Marina Mahathir Down with Ben’s B****es

During the Arts For Grabs weekend a few weeks ago, Ben Liew – JUICE writer, controversial music critic and lonely bachelor – claimed not only that he is in a popular band but that a certain, prominent figure bought his t-shirt. Although uncertain to whether his claim that Marina Mahathir bought a Ben’s Bitches paraphernalia was due to prolonged abuse of Long Island iced teas or disillusionment of grandeur, we thought we’d humour him by asking for proof of purchase. A month went by and since nothing was produced, we were convinced it was time for the straitjacket when, lo and behold, what should pop into our inbox but this picture below.

In Ben’s own accord (slightly embellished for our audience) this is what took place:

Marina: I want to buy a t-shirt for my daughter.
Ben: That’s nice. Is she hot?
Marina: Oh wait wrong booth, I wanted Ben Folds Five.
Ben: Don’t go! Please buy my shirt, I have a fever and only sold 7 so far. If I don’t come home with enough money, I’ll get a spanking.
Marina: How much are the t-shirts?
Ben: RM15 err… I mean RM30.
Marina: Oh I don’t have change….
Ben: No worries give me what you got and take a picture with me?

*Note: We lied. All parties stated here have no actual association with the dialogue of the above mentioned incident.

If you would like your own Ben’s B!tches t-shirt, write to [email protected]. The next Art For Grabs will be held on 26 and 27 September 2009.