Mari Market

source: Mari Market

To those of you who are living that true artisanal lifestyle and not just for the heck of it like some us hacks, you should probably take heed of this market that celebrates hardworking craftsmanship, be it through baked goods, handmade knick knacks, clothing, or organic produce, among many others. Organised by Just Life, the organic goods seller has set up not only a place of commerce but also a meeting point for all likeminded people who share the same faith and enthusiasm in authentic, quality goods. Last year’s edition seemed like a big hit so we’d say head on down with your recyclable tote bag along with your family or buddy in tow.

If you’re interested about some of the vendors from the market, scroll through the page here.

Date Sunday 19 April ’15
Time 10am
Venue Art Printing Works

Further details on the event here.