We Got Personalised Manicures At Nailed It In Lalaport BBCC Mall – Here’s Our Experience!

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When the JUICE girls decided to treat themselves to a day of relaxation and pampering, we knew exactly where to go: Nailed It, a nail salon located in Lalaport BBCC Mall, in the golden triangle of KL.

Promising holiday vibes with a touch of city charm, Nailed It provided an escape from the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, whisking us away to a tropical paradise reminiscent of the Maldives – and we’re not exaggerating.

As we walked into the salon, we were immediately greeted by a seamless blend of vacay and city vibes. The space resembled a cozy studio apartment, with a sky-high view overlooking town, with natural light streaming in from the windows setting the perfect mood for a day of indulgence.


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The pedicure station showcased a beach-like backdrop, featuring soft sands, crystal-clear waters, and swaying palm trees – complete with a beach hammock chair adorned with a stylish wide-brimmed hat.

It was as if we’d stepped into a postcard-perfect vacation destination.

Each member of the JUICE squad was eager to try something different, and walk out with manicures that truly resonated with our unique personalities. The salon offered an extensive range of nail services, from spa manicures to intricate nail art designs. So with the help of Nailed It’s enthusiastic technicians and our hands placed atop the sandy beige island in the middle of the shop, we dove into a world of possibilities…

Here’s what we opted for:


In my vast experience with gel manis from other salons, they never lasted as long as I’d wanted, and within a week I’d be sporting unsightly chips, or the nails would simply weaken substantially and well, break off. So at Nailed It, I asked for a classic french manicure with the most natural hues and rounded tips.

I loved the result! If you like natural-looking nails like me and want to go for that “Are those her natural nails or are they painted?” look, this is for you. I called them ‘Engagement Nails’ due to the understated elegant vibe they gave me – and also because they flawlessly complemented the ring I had on.


As mentioned before, I purposely chose a style that wouldn’t look too bad once the chipping and breakage set in, but things were different at Nailed It. Apart from the meticulous cuticle trim and cleaning, I also left with a manicure that was long-lasting and obviously done with quality products and heightened skills. As I’m typing this, I’m actually in awe of how good my nails still look; not a hint of breakage in sight, each one still giving off a day-one sheen.

This makes me super happy because I actually love deeper, more vivid colours, and with Nailed It’s guarantee that manicures can actually last on me and maintain their splendour, I may just be entering my Lana Del Rey era…

Another thing that really set Nailed It apart from my prior experiences was that I got to try my hand (no pun intended!) at a paraffin wax treatment – Yup, that’s right, I basically dipped my hands into hot wax… And it was perhaps the most relaxing part of the entire service.

The wax dries quickly, and your hands are encased in gloves while it sets in and moisturises your skin. It’s then slowly pulled off, leaving you with silky smooth, lavender-scented hands, and that’s not even the primary benefit.

Paraffin wax baths are actually a beneficial option for individuals dealing with arthritis in their hands or feet. The application of heat helps to expand blood vessels, leading to enhanced circulation, and effectively alleviates discomfort and rigidity.

I absolutely adored this part! It seemed like a really thoughtful and interesting addition to me. I’ll definitely be coming back to try their bolder colours and other services, and will probably bring my mum over someday too!


Safa’s the creative eye of our team, so we just knew she was going to pick out a style that reflected her personality: bubbly and vibrant. She loves colours, and usually has trouble choosing just one staple hue – be it Instagram templates, outfits, decor or manicures.

Nailed It offered her something that looked like it came straight out of her mind.

Safa’s chosen manicure at Nailed It was a brilliant combination of bright yet minimal design, and it effortlessly complemented any outfit she planned to wear.

Safa could seamlessly pair it with casual outfits, adding a pop of colour to her everyday look, or use it to elevate her formal attire with a touch of whimsy and individuality. No matter what the occasion, she knew her nails made a statement and showcased her creative spirit – and we all knew it was going to be a conversation starter at the office.

Safa also indulged in a rejuvenating lemon and neem spa treatment, where she gently dipped her hands into the warm, subtly scented water.

Later on, a pomegranate masque was slathered across her arms, and as her nail tech began to massage it into her skin, she couldn’t help but drift off to a restful power nap. Yup, the above photo is a #receipt of what happened.


With Good Vibes Festival (GVF) just around the corner, Quinny was determined to make a statement with her nails. She had a clear picture in her mind: a striking deep purplish hue that exuded an air of simplicity with a hint of sultriness – the perfect balance of edgy and chic.

The skilled nail technicians at Nailed It were more than up to the task.

As the colour was expertly applied to her nails, Quinny could already feel the vibes of the upcoming festival flowing through her fingertips.

To take her manicure to the next level and make it truly unique for GVF, Quinny opted for a touch of nail art. Inspired by a photo she had brought along, she requested a delicate and sparkling star design, adding just the right amount of shimmering finesse to Quinny’s nails.

And there she had it! The perfect festival nails. You can almost feel the confidence boost oozing through the screen.

Quinny also had the paraffin treatment done, though her reaction was much more explosive than mine…


For Tasha, the experience at Nailed It was a series of delightful surprises from start to finish. As she walked into the salon, she was greeted with the heavenly aroma of the rose and milk spa for her to dip her hands in, creating a calming and inviting ambiance. Excitement and nervousness filled her as she prepared for her very first manicure…

Our trendy and sociable intern went for a Barbie pink, and was pleased to discover that it was an excellent choice for her as a Muslim. She had heard that the halal manicure’s breathable polish was not meant to be as long-lasting as its gel counterparts, but the opposite rang true. The manicure held up remarkably well, surprising her with its durability.

The skilled nail technicians at Nailed It were attentive to Tasha’s needs and took extra care in guiding her through the process. They explained the benefits of the halal manicure and made sure she understood how to take care of her nails to ensure the longevity of the polish. Their dedication to customer satisfaction impressed Tasha, making her feel comfortable and assured throughout the entire process.

As her nails were being pampered with the halal manicure, Tasha was also treated to a luxurious pomegranate masque treatment and massage. The hydrating and nourishing properties of the masque worked wonders on her dry skin, leaving her fingers feeling soft and rejuvenated.

The cuticle oil application was another revelation for Tasha. The nail technician not only took care of her cuticles but also shared valuable advice on how to maintain healthy nails at home. Tasha appreciated the personalised attention and helpful tips, which she knew would contribute to maintaining the stunning results of her manicure for as long as possible.

As her manicure was completed, Tasha was thrilled with the final result. Her nails looked impeccable, and the halal polish had provided her with a perfect, high-quality alternative to the peel-off colours she had been using before.

All in all, Nailed It has proven to be more than just a nail salon; it is a slate of beauty and relaxation that caters to diverse tastes and personalities. But beyond the aesthetics, it is the exceptional services and personalised experiences that truly set Nailed It apart. From Safa’s vibrant and creative manicure to Quinny’s striking and sultry look, and Tasha’s first-time halal manicure delight, the salon has managed to exceed expectations and cater to the unique preferences of every individual.

At JUICE, we’ve come to realise that Nailed It is not just a nail salon; it is a place where dreams and visions become reality, and where beauty and style go hand in hand with individuality and self-expression. Yep, they really nailed it.

And what more could you want from a nail salon?

Curious about the pricing? We’ve attached the catalogue below. Visit Nailed It on Instagram or Whatsapp 018 2225529 to book your appointment today!

SCRUB add-on

(Add on premium quality scrub to your mani or pedi to give your skin a silky smooth exfoliation) – np: RM 20 (hands) / RM25 (feet)


Nailed It BRIDAL Package A RM290 for services worth RM330 1x Gel French with Glitter Manicure for Hands

1x Signature Paraffin Therapy for Hands

1x Indulgence Rose & Milk Spa Pedicure with French Tips

Nailed It BRIDAL Package B RM375 for services worth RM406

1x Full Set Gel French Ombré Manicure

1x Indulgence Rose & Milk Spa Gel Manicure

1x Indulgence Rose & Milk Spa Gel Pedicure

Nailed It DIY BRIDAL Package C (Ask For Your Best Options)

CREDIT Packages

Nailed It Credit Package A

Purchase RM300 and Get RM350 Credit

Valid for 4 months from date of purchase

Nailed It Credit Package B

Purchase RM500 and Get RM580 Credit Balance cannot be exchange into cash, can top up for difference

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase

Nailed It Credit Package C

Purchase RM800 and Get RM920 Credit

Balance cannot be exchanged into cash, can top up for difference. Valid for 9 months from date of purchase.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Credit can be used by others with purchaser’s consent. We will contact you for confirmation.

2. Balance credit not exchangeable for cash, can top-up for


3. Can be used for any product/service, including promo packages within validity period.


(Birthday, Baby Shower, Engagement, Bridal Shower, etc)

Spend RM1,200 and above and get private use of Nailed It salon.

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