Manhattan Fish Market’s decade celebration

Well, it looks like we were not the only ones that turned 10 this year. Manhattan Fish Market turned a decade old as well. Thumbs up for a decade of awesomeness. In conjunction with that, they decided to revamp their menu, reminiscence of a chalkboard-like menu, with its black background and quirky drawings.

Serving up a variety of American-styled seafood choices, Manhattan Fish Market’s aim is to be fast but healthy at the same time, which explains the cooking options provided in their new menu. Patrons can choose from five different styles of cooking methods to have their seafood prepared: grilled, baked, fried, poached and flamed.

Not only that, they’ve added a variety of starters such as the Chipotle Fish Skewer (fish satay basically) and Fried Fish-Kin, both of which are catered towards the taste buds of Malaysians. New pastas have also been incorporated into their menu to cater to the carb-loving taste buds of Malaysians.

The main favourites are still on the menu, but the guys at Manhattan Fish Market decided to amp up the volume of main dishes by adding new dishes such as the Spicy Hot Whole Fish (again, catered very much to the Malaysian taste bud of spiciness) and the Seafood Sea-esta, which consists of poached seafood goodness.

Health is of course their main aim, but no harm in mixing it up by going for a couple of drinks (or shots) after.

For more information check out their website, or their Facebook page