Man Seeking Leniency After Repeatedly Assaulting His Wife For Telling Him To Get A Permanent Job

Finding a full-time job amidst a pandemic is a struggle most of us had to adapt towards. We all know how hard it is to secure a permanent job these days, but this case seems like an over reaction.

According to NST, Mohd Armin Ince Makmur, 29, pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife at City Apartment in Inanam on June 25, after she advised him to look for a permanent job.

Armin had been working as a water purifier agent and had changed his plea during pre-trial case management yesterday.

It was reported that the wife advised her husband to look for a permanent job as he kept changing employment. But the accused got upset, which led to the couple’s argument.

Armin first threw a soap bottle and a plastic plate at his wife during the argument, but she had not sustained any injuries yet. He then proceeded to deliver blows of kicks at his wife until her head started hitting the wall.

His wife lodged a police report as she could not withstand any further abuse from her husband, as this had been happening since the beginning of their marriage in 2013.

She had been severely traumatised and living in constant fear of being hit by her husband.

National Legal Aid Foundation (YBGK) counsel Lim Ming Zoong @ Lawrence, who represented Armin, sought out a lenient sentence for the accused.

He told the court that the accused felt remorseful and regrets his actions. Lim also pointed out that this was a first-time offence and Armin was the sole breadwinner for the family of three children.

Magistrate Lovely Natasha Charles sentenced him to serve 13 months’ jail time for assaulting his wife.