WATCH: Man And Guard Dog Receive Praise For Bravely Preventing Burglar From Escaping On Bike

Image via Supreme Security for illustration purposes only.

Oftentimes when we are put in dire and unexpected situations, we find ourselves in shock, unable to react to it in a timely manner…

However, that was not the case for this one man who effectively employed the services of his fierce Belgian Shepherd to keep a burglar who broke into his house from escaping.

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In the now-viral TikTok video which was published just yesterday, the man is seen confronting the perpetrator somewhere outside the house, with the growling dog on a leash merely inches away from attacking him.

The episode took place next to a motorcycle that was parked on the side of the road, and it was later confirmed that the bike belonged to the burglar.

In an angry and stern voice, the man beckons for the culprit to run and leave the scene, while a woman recording says, “Run now or you’ll die.”

While this stirred confusion among netizens who were initially under the impression that the man was allowing the burglar to leave, the poster explained that the family had lodged a police report and was simply preventing the housebreaker from fleeing on his bike as its presence may serve as evidence and help ease investigations.

He also stated that the intruder, upon spotting the dog, assumed that it was tame and had disturbed it.

“We already made an official report, but I needed to protect my family before the police arrived, so I think this was the right thing to do,” he said.

Meanwhile, netizens have praised the man’s courage and will to protect his home, while others commended the dog and its instinct to defend its owner.

Others, inevitably, also envisioned what the aftermath of the scene would look like if the man had let the dog go, or if it had come loose after tugging at the leash a little too hard amidst all the rage…