At The Park, Ground Floor,
Esplanade entrance,
Suria KLCC.
T: 03 2166 8430

Named after Jimmy Malone, the Irish policeman who chased down Al Capone, Malones has the all the makings of a great pub. A runway success in New York and Singapore, Malones KL is located at Suria KLCC with a view of the park. It provides the perfect casual counterpoint to neighbouring bars and restaurants Chinoz and The Apartment, and is a much needed escape from the hapless tourists and aimless shoppers that congregate here – a drink is the only way to make it through the human chaos.

If you’re alone, comfortable bar stools and a long solid wood bar top could stand in for a therapists couch as the bartenders appear to genuinely want to hear how badly your day went. If you brought your friends then it’s a place to wind down with a pint and play pool (RM3 per game). And if it’s your clients that you’ve brought to impress, then come during lunch as CNN is screened live. Nasdaq with chips, anyone?

But the main draw for any pub should be their pints and Malones’ manager is proudly to reveal Malone’s is one of the only two bars in KL that have a T-bar tap – the other being WIP. If city centre traffic wasn’t such a bitch, Malones would be more accessible. Regardless, Malones is set to open more bars across KL and in PJ in the future.

Clientele Afterwork types and thirsty expats looking for a place to loosen their ties and lots of oil and gas folks working at the Twins.

Happy hour Malones loves you long time, from 2pm to 8pm to be precise. Tiger and Heineken are RM9.90 and RM10.90 per mug respectively. It’s RM17.90 for a pint of Guinness, and RM18.90 for a pint of Strongbow.

Grub Come with an empty stomach. Their Galway Cod with clams (RM45.90) is excellent! If you’re spoilt for choice, Malones will recommend their beer battered fish and chips (RM21.90), mustard baked chicken (RM25.90) and Irish traditional, caramelized duck breast with pineapple chutney (RM28.90). They even have Guinness beef stew. Malones is also pork free. So no pigs allowed.

Music 70s to the 80s. Think BFM and you’re close. There are occasional live performances with musicians like Isaac Entry.

Hours 11am to 11.45pm on weekdays, 11am to 1am on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

Dresscode It’s come as you are, but absolutely no nudity.

Parking It’s KLCC, so that means RM3 for the 1st hour and RM.2.50 every 1/2 hour thereafter, Mondays through Saturdays. On Sunday it’s RM3 for the 1st 3 hours, RM2.50 every 1/2 hour after that.