Malique Masih Hip Hop, Yo!

A veteran to the hip hop scene, Malique is releasing two new singles from his solo album, TKO (Peace Out)  which will be out at the end of 2010. Once again in collaboration with Joe Flizzow his Too Phat partner in crime, ‘2010 Masih Hip Hop’ is sure to leave fans wanting more! Mic check, one two.

No doubt Too Phat have become an inspiration to many rising rap artists, after the success of Too Phat’s ‘Too Phat Baby’. Their decision to explore their own music tastes and go their separate ways in 2008 broke the hearts of loyal fans, but behold, the Malaysian hip hop duo is back on track and this time, they’re going to show them haters who’s the boss.

‘2010 Masih Hip Hop’ is the remake of ‘Masih Hip Hop’ from Malique’s previous album KO The Mixtape, and the first song Joe and Malique have recorded together in 5 years. The dope-ness of their wordplay and punchlines should come as no surprise.

The second single released from Malique’s upcoming solo album is ‘Cuba Lagi’ featuring Lah from VE, one of the best male r n b vocalists in the country. Watch out for the next set of twin releases from TKO (Peace Out) in September, including ‘Senyum’ featuring indie jazz vocalist Najwa, who also contributed her vocals to the single ‘Kau Yang Punya’ (from Malique’s debut album OK). The accompanying song will feature a prominent nasyid group, and deets will be revealed in time.

Listen to ‘2010 Masih Hip Hop’ and ‘Cuba Lagi’ at For more info, check out Malique’s Myspace or e-mail [email protected].