Malique feat. Najwa ‘Senyum’

Following in the steps of ‘2010 Masih Hip Hop’ featuring former Too Phat partner Joe Flizzow, Malique’s newest released single for Qarma Musiq is aptly titled ‘Senyum’. This time round, he’s paired up with indie jazz singer Najwa. If you’re looking for a feel good, catchy, super radio friendly song, listen to this.

‘Senyum’ is taken from Malique’s third and apparently final solo album TKO (Peace Out), which is still in progress. It’s got an up tempo reggae beat, and is kept wonderfully simple. Having previously partnered up with Najwa on OK, for ‘Kau Yang Punya’. It’s obvious that this duo pair together well intrinsically, Malique’s hip hop vibes and Najwa’s enticing vocals make a great match for this single. Look out for Malique’s next single to be released, ‘Perang Dah Tamat’, which will be released simultaneously with TKO (Peace Out).

Listen to ‘Senyum’ at and watch the video on