Male Bonding: All The Noisy Boys

Coming from their adopted town of Dalston, a crusty London suburb with thriving lo-fi bands and Turkish restaurants, Male Bonding are the noisy punk pop trio of Robin Silas Christian (drums), John Arthur Webb (guitar / vocals) and Kevin Hendrick (bass / vocals). They describe their music as “tinnitus, with hooks”.

Male Bonding played their first show in May 2008 at a mad house party called Rage and have been gigging furiously ever since. Currently signed to Sub Pop (the label that gave us grunge), Nothing Hurts is the band’s first full-length, which clocks in at half an hour , with most songs running about two minutes.

As predicted, it’s fast, frantic and melodious with the sing-along qualities of ol skool Oi! bands. The pogo-infectous ‘Year’s Not Long’ is a prime example of the fun factor in this band as well as their sonic maturity. With a name lifted from an earlier incarnation of Sonic Youth, you know these boys mean harm to your eardrums.

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