Maldives Goes Carbon Neutral, What About Malaysia?

We’ve always said it takes legislation to see real change. Case in point: the new prez of Maldives has given himself a 10 year deadline to make the country carbon neutral. With a new PM due to take office, will Malaysia do the same?

The decision to make the Maldives one of the world’s most eco-friendly countries has more at stake than just a Presidency, as the nation of islets could turn into a modern day tale of Atlantis if sea levels rose due to melting icecaps (in turn caused by global warming). Other low lying countries could similarly suffer a watery death;  let’s not forget Malaysia is a peninsula and a bunch of islands (big and small), and not all of us have diving certificates or fancy relocating to Genting Highlands.

Among the plans Maldives has outlined includes developing clean fuel via wind turbines and rooftop solar panels, both of which (wind and sunshine) is abundant in Malaysia. Other countries going carbon neutral include Norway, but Maldives is an interesting case ’cause 1. they aren’t all that rich 2. they are a predominantly Muslim country, which makes us have quite a bit in common. So will Malaysia follow the example they have set? Over to you, Mr. Prime Minister….