malaysia’s che?

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Before any of you start crying out “political insensitivity!”, I’m not trying to advocate anything in this post. I found this stencil just outside the Puduraya bus station yesterday evening on the way back from work. Many might not be familiar with Rashid Maidin, but to those who remember, he was in effect #2 down the chain of command in the now-defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM). If Chin Peng was our would-be Fidel Castro, Rashid Maidin was his Che Guevara. Beginning with vocal opposition to foreign imperialist power, to armed struggles against the Japanese Occupation and after that the British reclamation of Malaya, Rashid claimed he had the best interest of his people and nation at heart til his death. But peace and independence were achieved through other means, and history is brutal to those who only almost made it.

Check it.

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