Malaysian Staff at South Korean Casino Steals More Than USD 13 Million in Cash

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Jeju Shinhwa World. source: The Jeju Weekly

A Malaysian working in South Korea is now being hunted by the police after a huge amount of cash mysteriously disappeared from a Hong Kong-backed casino in the southern resort island of Jeju.

Considered one of South Korea’s largest integrated resorts, Jeju Shinhwa World filed a police report last week saying that 14.56 billion won (USD13.38 million), all in South Korean banknotes, went missing from Landing Casino at its compound, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

Landing International Development Ltd, the Hong Kong-based owner and operator of Jeju Shinhwa World disclosed the cash disappearance from Landing Casino on its website last week.

A senior police officer at Jeju Police Station confirmed that an investigation is ongoing. “I can’t go into details because the case is still under investigation,” he said.

Landing Casino. source:

The Malaysian employee, who is in her fifties, is still at large after leaving for a holiday at the end of December.

Jeju police secured a security camera footage from the casino but the video at the time of the theft was apparently erased, according to Yonhap.

It’s suspected that the incident involved multiple suspects as the missing cash that weighs 280 kilograms would be too heavy and bulky for a single person to transport.

Investigators also said the cash could still be on the island since it’s difficult to move that amount of cash out of the country whether through air or sea.

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