Malaysian Singer Yuna and International DJ Zedd Collaborating Soon? Yes Please!

(source: OhBulan)

EDM superstar  Zedd, who recently performed in Malaysia earlier this month, expressed interest in collaborating with our homegrown talent Yuna Zarai.

Not a stranger to our music industry, Yuna has already reached international level as she has tracks in English and has worked with so many big artistes like Usher, Jhene Aiko and Owl City. Yuna is currently based out in Los Angeles after marrying Adam Sinclair in January.

She recently posted on her Twitter stating that she “has” to have a song with Zedd to impress her friend’s four-year old daughter who is a big fan of the DJ. Yuna also claimed that Zedd’s latest song ‘The Middle’ is stuck in her head all week.

The Russian DJ, Zedd responded with a simple message saying, “Let’s write something together”.

It was only three weeks ago when Zedd, 28, was down in Malaysia to perform at KL Live. The Grammy award-winning producer thrilled an audience of 2,500 with hits that include ‘Clarity’ and ‘Beautiful Now’.

After the series of tweets, both of their fans grew excited and highly encouraged them to work together. Check out what most fans had to say:





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