Malaysian Instagrammer Transforms Herself into Iconic Characters Using her Hijab

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Some might say the hijab is a hinderance to the fluidity of cosplaying a wide variety of characters. Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati however, proves otherwise. Check out how she creatively makes use of the hijab to complement her incredible transformations.

Saraswati as the sassy villain Shego from Kim Possible
Neytiri from Avatar

Going by the handle Queenofluna, this rising Instagram star incorporates her headscarf with her sick make up skills, to create spectacular renditions of Disney characters, anime icons, sinister villains and so much more.

Characters from hit show Adventure Time
Various creepy horror characters
Pennywise from IT (Pennywise’s stepmom)
Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Saraswati as another Tim Burton creation, Emily from Corpse Bride
Mystique from X-Men
Betty Boop
Ryuk from Death Note

What an inspiration.

With the rise of Malaysian Instagram stars such as cosplayer Miisa MHC, we can look forward to a new wave of artists who’ll express themselves with pride, regardless of personal obligations.

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