Malaysian Girls Got To Vote For The Ingredients That Went Into This New Hydrating Shampoo

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You know that awful feeling when your scalp is just SO. DAMN. ITCHY? Ugh, it’s the worst! 🙁

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Scratch, scratch, scratch all day long. And that’s just one of the common hair problems we have to deal with. There’s hair loss, hair thinning, sensitive scalp, and so much more.

Any of these sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many Malaysians suffer from these typical issues too. We’re all in this together, gais!

These problems tend to stem from an unhealthy scalp, and you know what? We can’t actually control many of the things that cause this.

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From pollution and the weather, to stress and even hormonal changes, there are just so many causes of an unhealthy scalp that we sadly can’t control. That being said, there are some things we can do to keep our scalps healthy.

The best thing you can do for your scalp and hair is to be careful when choosing what products you use. Overusing hair products such as heavy oils and setting sprays can really do a number on your hair.

And if you love dyeing your hair, you’ll have to take extra care. Those fabulous colours may look gorgeous and totally Insta-worthy, but colouring your hair with chemical dyes is one of the root causes of scalp buildup and damage.

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Instead of just treating hair damage, what you should be doing is keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated with the appropriate care. This will go a long way in helping you keep unwanted hair problems far, far away.

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Worry not, Malaysians, Sunsilk’s latest release is the answer to all your scalp problems!

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The number one haircare brand’s new line was specially formulated to pamper your scalp and give it all the care it needs. This new Watsons-exclusive Natural range of shampoos and conditioners will give your scalp and hair TWICE the hydration!

Say goodbye to those dry, damaged strands and hello to gorgeously silky hair, plus a healthy scalp too.

There are two variants in this new line:
1. Sunsilk Natural Damask Rose & Aloe Vera (Hydrate & Revitalize)
2. Sunsilk Natural Daisy & Peach (Hydrate & Soften)

What sets this new line apart is that the ingredients were chosen by Malaysian girls, based on the common hair problems we face, how cool is that?! 😀

source: Watsons/ Facebook

Before even developing this product, Sunsilk wanted to make sure that they would be creating something that would specifically help with the hair problems Malaysians girls have to deal with every day.

They ran a survey to find out just what kind of scalp and hair problems Malaysian girls have. The girls even got to vote on which ingredients they preferred. That’s how Damask rose and aloe vera ended up being chosen, yaaas!

Once they got all the deets, Sunsilk worked with local celeb Didi Astillah to co-create a haircare range that is infused with 100% natural extracts.

So, with the Naturals line, you know you’re getting a product that has been specially tailored for your hair needs

source: Watsons/ Facebook

Plus, it’s exclusive to Malaysia! The Naturals line won’t be available anywhere else, ’cause we special like that 😉

Infused with 100% Damask rose and aloe vera, or with daisy and peach, the unique combination of ingredients will revitalise and soften your hair strands. You’ll be the envy of all with your healthy and beautiful hair!

Of course, it’ll also cleanse your scalp and give it twice the hydration, keeping all those pesky hair and scalp problems away. And best of all, because it was specially formulated for Malaysians, it has a lightweight texture that is ideal for our tropical weather.

Here’s how the hero ingredients in the Sunsilk Natural line will help your hair and scalp:

source: k-fangirledits/ Tumgir

1. Damask rose:
– Hydrates the hair
– Packed with vitamins to moisturise scalp surface

2. Aloe vera:
– Gel-like texture to provide easy penetration of nutrients
– Provides nourishment for your hair needs

3. Daisy:
– Contains antioxidants
– Reduce scalp inflammation
– Rejuvenating

4. Peach:
– Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K which are excellent moisturising properties
– Strengthens hair follicles

Try the new Sunsilk Natural line to give your scalp twice the hydration for a hair-ppier you! You can find it exclusively at Watsons outlets nationwide.

Click here for more information on the Sunsilk Natural line.

This story was originally published on SAYS.