Malaysia DJ Battle Championship Final 2009

The crowd was sweating with excitement. It has all come down to this final moment. No, don’t close your eyes yet, we’ll unveil to you the winner of the Malaysia DJ Battle Championship 2009. Are you ready?

Here are the final results:

Best mixing DJ (Long Mix Category)
1st Place: Ben Cracko
2nd Place: Anowl

Best Turntablist (Art Of Turntablism category)
1st Place: Xquisite (Singapore)
2nd Place: Intake

Best Scratch
Xquisite (Singapore)

Big ups to the roaring cheering crowd who came that night to give their love and support to the DJs.

Malaysia DJ Battle Championship Final 2009 was held on the 27th of November 2009 at Passion. For pics of your favourite contestants and all the action, visit our gallery.